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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Paper chase through the Adventureland

Initiative in the Adventureland Mathematics Primary schools / middle schools form 2-6
Content: Here you can surch for the treasure. Only them who solve the questions about mathematics will get nearer to the finish. With ribbons and cards amazing things are built, stories told and puzzles solved.
Procedure: Firstly tasks where you have to estimation somethins are solved and a little something is crafted. After the formation of small search parties different stations in the Adventureland with reference to a work sheed are to be completed. With a proper result (that means the numerical code) the lock of the treasure can be opened.
Hints for preparation: This is particularly suitable for students who already know the Adventureland Mathematics.
Curriculum covers: experience-orientated encountering with mathematics
Duration: 1-1,5 hours (Please schedule additional time for the ticket office and the wardrope.)
Cost per student: 3,00 EUR (2.00 EUR cut group entry, plus 1 EUR for a guided tour in German)
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