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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Are engines able to think?

Adventure informatics guided tour and workshop middle schools/grammar school from form 7
Content: A box stuffed with electronics, the computer, is an integral part of our lives. As work and entertainment device it is used daily. But how does it work? What means and methods of informatics are put behind? How are information represented, stored, transmitted and processed? Do only we think about that or the computer too?
Procedure: After visiting the exhibition ” computer and computer engineering ” general principles and methods of computer science are taught in a workshop . The question “Are engines able to think?” is the main point. While playing simple games and experiment with binary numbers, circuits and mathematical models, the “mindset” of the computer becomes understandable. In individual modules ( data quantities and order ) themes are e.g. “short distances”, “coding” or “I’m packing my suitcase …”.
Hints for preparation: The course can be adapted to the age and knowledge of the students, as several modules of the event are available.
Curriculum covers e.g.: middle school form 7-10: INF LB 1 (understanding the computer: data and structures), INF LBW 2 (encoding of information), INF LBW 3 (computer yesterday – today – tomorrow) grammar school form 7: INF LB 1 (understanding the computer – principles and structures) grammar school form 8: INF LB 2 (process data), INF LBW 1 (computer engineering yesterday and today), INF LBW 2 (logic in the computer) grammar school form 11/12:. INF LB 1 (communication in networks), INF LB 2 (informatic models)
Duration: 1-1.5 hours (Please schedule additional time for the ticket office and the wardrobe.) After consultation project days are possible.
Cost per student: 3,00 EUR (2.00 EUR cut group entry, plus 1 EUR for a guided tour in German)
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