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Erlebnisland Mathematik

GPS-treasure hunt

Reaching the finish with maths grammar school and gymnasium from form 5 for schools
Content: An interactive treasure hunt leads around the museum. The pupils get to know the functioning of the satellite navigator and the handling of a GPS device. Thereby they have to solve tasks in maths and idustrial history.
Procedure:There will be formed two or three treasure hunt groups that move on their own on different routes in Striesen. Each group has a GPS device with the coordinates of the aiming points on. There they will find little tasks. When all tasks are solved properly there will be an end coodinate where you can find the treasure. The duration can last between two and four hours.
Hints for preparations: A pre-registration is necessary.
Caution: Unfortunately, in the case of cold and wet weather the GPS treasure hunt cannot be accomplished. An alternative is the puzzle hunt through the Adventureland Mathematics. Each group needs a personal adult advisor or the permission of the legal guardian that the participants of the course can take it on their own.
Curriculum covers e.g.: middle school form 5: GEO LB 2 (orientation in Germany), GEO LBW 1 (excursion in the rural and urban areas) middle school form 8: GEO LB 1 (map grid and time zones around the world) grammar school form 5: GEO LB 2 (orientation in Germany), MA LB 2 (positional relation between geometric objects), GEO LBW 1 (excursion in the rural and urban areas) grammer school form 10: GEO LBW 2 (analysis of an urban area)
Duration: 2-4 hours (Please do not hand in wardrobe)
Cost per Student: from 4,00 EUR depending on the agreed duration of the event (2.00 EUR cut group entry, plus 1 EUR for a guided tour in German)
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