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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Workshop and Andventureland Mathematics
elemantary school, form 1 – 4
Content: How did poeple count or calculate with the help of their bodies a long time ago?
The kids will determine dimensions and weights first-hand while playing and comparing with others.
Procedure: In the workshop experience, students learn how people count or calculate with the help of their bodies a long time ago.
In single stations, they can then determine measurements of their body, such as Arm span, step length and weight. Thereby they use different measurements. Finally common characteristics of the group are determined (e.g. total weight corresponds to a small elephant or car).
Hints for preparations:
The workshop will be held in connection with the visit of the Adventureland Mathematics.
Curriculum covers e.g.: Elemantary school form 1-4, MA LB 2 (arithmetic), MA LB 3 (sizes), MA LBW 1 (“Das macht Adam Ries …”)
Duration: 1-1.5 hours (incl 30-40. min. workshop) Please schedule additional time for the ticket office and the wardrobe.
Cost per student: 3,00 EUR (2.00 EUR cut group entry, plus 1 EUR for a guided tour in German)
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