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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Directions for visitors

We are glad you want to visit the Adventureland Mathematics in Dresden. We have got some directions in preparation for your visit.


  • Groups about ten people, especially school classes should register. Registered groups take priority.
  • You can Register per telephone (0351 – 488 7272) or per fax (0351 – 488 7263). Your registration will be confirmed by us and only then it will be official. In the Internet you can find a list with free dates and further information.
  • We provide a visit duration of two hours for one group. Please comply with the time duration given that also following groups can enjoy the Adventureland Mathematics properly. 
  • With your ticket you can also visit the other exhibitions in our house. Please remind that each takes time.
  • It does not coast much to visit the Adventureland Mathmatics. You can find detailed information on our handout for groups.

Procedure of the visit of a class 

  • Please register yourself at our ticket office at the main entrance. Near by there is a wardrobe where you can store and inclose your jackets and backpacks.
  • The Adventureland Mathmatics is on the fourth floor of the Technischen Sammlungen. You can take the stairs or use the elevator. The whole building is handicap-accessible.
  • The group meets in the plenum, the blue seating facilitie in shape of a circle which is situated directly behind the entrance of the Adventureland Mathematics. There you will be greeted by one of our supervisors.
  • The supervisor will run one experiment of the Adventureland or more with the pupils. Hereby you get an idea of how to deal with the exhibits and what the adventure is.
  • Afterwards there is time to experiment with the other exhibits by yourself. You can speak to the supervisors anytime if there are any questions.
  • The visitors explore the experiments by themselves or in little groups. It would be advisable to concentrate on some exhibits. Loud lessons are distracting for other visitors, please refrain from holding them. For group information you can use the plenum.

Hints for behavior

  • The Adventureland Mathematics offers mathematics you can “touch”, mathematic to try out and to play hence understand the phenomenons.
  • There will be no senseless tampering or rude actions.
  • The experiments of the Adventureland Mathematics are stimulating and get you in motion. Please ensure that your children will not run around, climb or rant.
  • Do not let the children on there own. The constant presence of an supervising adult is essential. Please ensure the careful dealing with the exhibits.
  • There is no food or drink allowed in the aventureland mathmatics. The towercafe on the sixth floor of the Technischen Sammlungen is an excellent place for a break.

Preparation for your visit

It is good but not strictly necessary to prepare your visit to the Adventureland Mathematics. There is a catalogue of the exhibition available for you. In addition you can find further information on our website Our experience shows that the exhibits have immediate impact on the pupils. Therefore it is not required to develop a questionnaire or a rally. Rallies are most inconvenient, they produce only turbulence. Then the pupils would only want to answer the questions and do not engage themselves in the exhibits.