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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Directions for visitors

We are glad that you are planning to visit our Adventureland Mathematics in Dresden with your class.


  • Groups with at least ten people, especially school classes, need to register. Registered groups obtain priority.
  • You can register via telephone (0351 – 488 7272), via fax (0351 – 488 7263) or via email ( We will confirm your registration and only then, it will be valid.
  • We provide a visit duration of a maximum of two hours. Please make sure to comply with the given time so that the following groups can also enjoy the Adventureland to the fullest. 
  • With your tickets, you are also able to visit other exhibitions in our house.

Procedure of the visit of a class 

  • Please register at our ticket office. Nearby there are lockers where jackets and bags have to be locked in.
  • The Adventureland Mathematics is on the fourth floor of the Technical Collections. You can access by the stairs or by a small lift. The building is handicapped accessible until the sixth floor.
  • The group meets in the plenum, a blue seating facility in the shape of a circle, right behind the entrance of the Adventureland Mathematics. There one of our supervisors will greet you.
  • The supervisor will run at least one experiment of the Adventureland with the students. Hereby, you get an idea on how to deal with the exhibits and what the adventure could be.
  • After that, the students will be able to explore the exhibits of the Adventureland by themselves. If there are any questions, they can speak to our supervisors at any time.
  • We recommend pointing out the exhibits the student should focus on. You can use the plenum for group information.

Hints for behavior

  • The Adventureland Mathematics offers mathematics you can “touch”. You are able to experiment, play and thereby understand the phenomena.
  • The experiments of the Adventureland Mathematics are stimulating and get you in motion. Please make sure that your students will not run around, climb or be noisy.
  • Do not leave the students alone. The constant presence of a supervising adult is essential. Please, ensure the careful dealing with the exhibits.
  • There are no drinks nor food allowed in the Adventureland Mathematics.
  • You can have a look at the entire visitors information at our ticket office.

Preparation for your visit

It is helpful but not necessary to prepare your visit to the Adventureland Mathematics. You can find information in our catalogue of the exhibition as well as on this website. From our experience, the exhibits have an immediate impact in the students. Therefore, it is not necessary to develop a worksheet or a rally. In case you would like special topics of education, we would happy to support and help you.