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Erlebnisland Mathematik


The Adventureland Mathematics is a permanent exhibition with interactiv stations in Dresden which offers mathematics you can “touch”. The goal is to give the visitors an understanding of mathematics in an entertaining way and to wake interest in mathematical topics. The exhibiton is for visitors in every age group, but naturally the pupils of all type of schools are a particularly important target group. Therefore the Adventureland Mathematics is prepared to welcome forms. You can find information in this category. The Adventureland Mathematics offers a variety of possibilities to experience mathematics additionally and outside of the classroom. Accordingly, it is suited for visits of school classes in the extracurricular section. Simultanously the topics discussed in the Adventureland Mathematics are related multifarious to the curriculum of mathematics. As a result a visit to the Adventureland Mathematics is integrated easily into the lessons. The Adventureland Mathematics is not a place for classic lessons. Rather the playful experience and the joy of the action should be in the foreground. A connection to school can be established while finding the topics of the curriculum at the visit or by evaluating the visit afterwards in school. On the following sites you will soon be able to find propositions for integration of a visit into the curriculum, information for organisation and material for evaluating afterwards in class, e.g. worksheets. Furthermore there will be offerings for teachers about advanced training and workshops.