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Tone wheel

The floor panels correspond to the seven degrees of a musical scale. Along the spiral of floor buttons you can play ascending or descending melodic steps. Of the twelve tones, regularly distributed around the cylinder, always seven appear in the light and are selected for playing. On the steps with the solfege syllables fa and ti you can get a tone into the light with a small rotation of the cylinder and let another disappear in the neighboring shadow.

Compare the name of the new tone with the name of the tone which disappeared. The sounds on this scale degree change their tone and their syllable. All other sounds only change their syllable. Compare the order of the syllables on the same degree under continued rotation of the cylinder with the order of the syllables under the pacing of all seven degrees.

The exhibit is based on ideas by Eytan Agmon, John Clough, Jack Douthett and Thomas Noll.

With kindly support of Armstrong DLW.

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