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Erlebnisland Mathematik

Puzzle Tables

Ball Pyramid

Put the four pieces together to form a pyramid.

Hint: Where on the pyramid are the long pieces found?

The elfstruck T

The four pieces form a big T.

Hint: How is the right angle used?

2-piece Pyramid

The two blue pieces combine to form a pyramid.

Hint: What happens to the square face on each piece?


The red and blue blocks combine to form a solid cube.

Hint: What is the position of the small cubes inside the big cube?

Soma Cube

Form a cube out of the seven coloured pieces.

Hint: How big will the cube be?


Place the 24 double-dominoes onto the board. Neighbouring tiles must match in the adjoining quadrants.

How many children?

Count the children. When you interchange the upper parts, 16 children become 15 or vice versa. How is this possible?

Hint: Do the children before and after have the same height?

Circular jigsaw – (“Roundabout”)

Build a circle out of the ten different pieces.


Put the seven pieces together to form a square.

Hint: How big will the square be? Where do the right triangles lie?

4-piece Pyramid

The four red pieces combine to form a pyramid.

Hint: Two small red pieces can be put together to form a piece of the blue pyramid.

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